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In our first blog post, we're giving a shout out to the environmentally regenerative potential of farming at Bare Ranch, a multi-generational farm in northern California. Bare Ranch is transitioning their farm to something called carbon farming. You may be very familiar with this practice, though I had no idea what carbon farming was when I first came across this term, so let me share the basics as I understand it. Carbon farming offers ways to capture carbon in the soil, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere while at the same time, enriching the soil. This typically involves 5 main tenets: no till, organic mulch, compost, livestock rotation and cover crops. Apparently, current land management practices are responsible for about 1/3 of all excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, so this type of farming can have a tremendous beneficial impact by cleaning up our air and strengthening the life and health of our soil. 

To help fund their transition to carbon farming, Bare Ranch offered a single edition run of the wool from their beautiful Rambouillet flock, woven into fabric by a small startup, Huston Textile. The funds from the fabric that Next of Kin Studio bought from Bare Ranch are being used to support their transition to carbon farming and we are proud to offer their lovely fabric in our wearable collection. 

Here is more info about the details surrounding this project, if you like.

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