In our products we use natural fibers whenever possible. Below are a couple of our favorite natural fabrics that we love.


Silkworms are the beautiful creatures responsible for making silk. They secrete silk from their bodies and form it into a cocoon, within which they metamorphose into silk moths.

In peace silks or ahimsa silks, the silkworm is allowed to emerge from the cocoon to live its' life as a moth, and the empty cocoon is harvested for silk. Usually, on commercial silk farms, the cocoon is boiled while the moth is still inside.

Peace silk or ahimsa silk gives the silkworm a chance to live it's life after it's metamorphosis into it's silk moth stage of life. Ahimsa is a sanskrit term that in short, means "do no harm". 



At Next of Kin Studio, we love to support small businesses and organizations that work to generate positive relationships between humans and nature.

Climate beneficial fabric is premium woven wool from a Rambouillet flock on Bare Ranch, a multi-generational ranch in California. Our use of this fabric supports the ranch in its' practice of carbon farming, a regenerative process for sequestering CO2 in the soil and out of the atmosphere.