Plant Dyes

As artists, when we think of nature as, "next of kin" it challenges us to consider the materials and concepts that make up our work. We want to be active participants with the natural world around us and think about how what we make affects that relationship.

In so doing, we creatively explore what is possible when we approach nature this way and hope to pass along a taste of that life enhancing relationship.

Our plant dyes are hand-crafted and non-toxic.

We source from local plants and high quality, ethically-minded suppliers. This enables us to bring an entirely unique expression of color to you that's both seasonal and location specific.

We want to connect you to the plant colors of California as well as to plants like Indigo that come from longstanding traditions dating back to around 3000 BC. At Next of Kin Studio we want to honor historic relationships between people and plants and rekindle that spirit in our contemporary use of these plant based colors.