Natural Dye Portfolio

Our naturally dyed pieces come from a love of nature and art making.

When nature and art meet, there's an element of alchemy and as makers, we love to be a part of that. We make natural dyes from plants and use natural fibers to make luxurious, environmentally friendly offerings.

Our hope is that by using natural dyes, fabrics and simplicity of design, we can connect you more closely to nature and a lasting style.

The below pieces are available upon inquiry

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Sequoia Dyed Peace Silk Dress


Fig Leaf Dyed Peace Silk Poncho


Toyon Dyed Ascot made with Peace Silk


Acorn Dyed Peace Silk Poncho


Black Walnut Dyed Peace Silk Poncho


Rambouillet Wool Kimono Jacket hand-made with wool from a regenerative agriculture farm in California 

Japanese Tea Ceremony, Chakin Ire

Hand-Dyed Fabrics