Our Story

Our story began with our two cats, Kiki and Patrick.

Kiki was a kitten who was abandoned and living on the streets, starved, flea-ridden, and stressed to the point that his hair was falling out in patches. Patrick was a shy, undersized (possibly from malnutrition) five year old tabby that had been rescued from a hoarding situation. Having never been shown affection from a human when he was a kitten, he was extremely shy when we first met him. (For more about Patrick's story, click here to see his video)

Both cats were a bit wild, and wary of humans. These qualities might seem undesirable for a cat companion, but that thought never crossed our minds. For some unexplainable reason, we felt connected to them. We chose them and to our surprise, they chose us in return. 

We started making stories about our cats just for fun. Storytelling allowed us to imagine the world from their point of view, and to empathize with their experiences. Both cats had a difficult start in life, and we realized that they had taken many brave steps in order to trust us humans.

Nowadays, Kiki and Patrick have become the two sweetest, most affectionate cats we could ever wish for (though still a bit wary of strangers)! The Church for Cats is a tribute to and in support of all cats, brave or timid, young or old. To us, cats are heroes!

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