The Church for Cats

The Church for Cats celebrates all cats as unique individuals who deserve happy, healthy and fulfilling lives. To us, cats are heroes!

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Great Grand Mother Cat is the all-loving, all-licking cat that created The Church for Cats’ Universe. Her story can be found in our first book, "The Great Grand Mother Cat and the Echoing Voices" and is meant to be shared with humans, cats and kittens. The book is available here.


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The Adventures of Piki and Katrick is a collection of stories about two cats. Piki is brave and considerate, carefully planning before taking action. Katrick is also brave, but tends to act without thinking. Although they have two very different personalities, at the end of the day, Piki and Katrick always find a way to be friends.

To follow the Adventures of Piki and Katrick visit our comic strip and meet the cats who inspired the characters on our instagram feed @thechurchforcats

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